Sunday, August 4, 2013

Good Writers are Great Readers

Writers read, read, read and read some more.  Although I have a library on my Kindle and another on my iPhone, I still purchase books. Amazon is my favorite place to shop.

A long time ago I ran out of shelf space, and many of my books are in boxes or in stacks in my office, bedroom, living room and family room. I read a lot. Time doesn't permit me to read all the books on my list, so I started downloading audible books to my iPhone and I listen while I walk two miles in the morning. Sometimes at the end of the two miles, the action is moving along so well, I'm tempted to walk further or run to my office and keep on listening when I should be writing. Why do I read? Let me count the ways.
  • For pleasure (my favorite)
  • For research (second favorite)
  • For inspiration (Sometimes I'm inspired to write an article or story from something I read.)
  • To learn (lots of books about writing)
  • To study (to hone my craft)
  • To keep up with my blogging/writing friends
  • To keep up with the markets.
Write without reading? Are you kidding me? For me that would be disaster. I've learned that my writing improves whether I read for pleasure, research, inspiration or education. It's a life-long process.
What book(s) are you reading? What genre is your favorite? My inquiring mind would love to know.


  1. My husband reads novels aloud in the car while I drive to and from work, about a thirty minute commute. Currently we are reading The Justice Game. I am also reading the book Indebted to do a review for the Book Club Network. For nonfiction I just started Named By God which I want to do later with a few ladles for a Bible study. I have a few more books started on the Kindle. I will soon be rereading Chasing Christmas for another review.So many books and so little time!

  2. Thank you for sharing, Janice. I'm impressed with how you get it all done. I'll have to put some of your books on my reading list. Your husband reading in the car reminded me of listening to audio books when I walk in the morning. I'm currently listening to The Help. Sometimes I have to walk a little further because I can't leave the scene. ; )