Friday, August 9, 2013

Congratulations Darleen!

Congratulations to Darleen Gossett who took first place in the poetry contest at the Write to Inspire conference, July 19-20, 2013, an Inspire Christian Writers event. Darleen has been published in devotional magazines, Highlights for Children and Friends of Inspire Faith. The title of her winning poem is "Elohim."


The glowing sun sets in the mountains
behind a shadowy backdrop
of graceful firs and majestic pines.

A bright yellow and black caterpillar
inches along a milkweed stem
and begins an astonishing journey.

A robin proclaims Spring with cheerful note
early in the morning--and tugs
on an unsuspecting earthworm.

A velvety rose, deep-red, delicate
grows beside a garden pathway,
perfumed elegance for blissful lovers.

A newborn baby sleeps--sheltered
in his mother's arms, breathing sweet
warmth against her comforting body.

I look around and my heart cries out,
"Who is the author of such breathtaking
beauty and magnificent design?"

His name is Elohim--

He is God, the Almighty

Creator of all things.

Darleen Gossett

Way to go, Darleen! Stay tuned to learn about more winners at the Write to Inspire writing contest.

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