Friday, August 30, 2013

Congratulations Scotti!

Congratulations go to Scotti Fritts, one of our award winning authors. She won second place in the Write to Inspire poetry contest and is the editor for contributions to Inspire's new book of poems. Scotti also took second place in the Dancing Poetry Festival sponsored by the Artists Embassy International. She will read her poem with the reading voice of an angel at the event on Saturday, September 14, 2013 at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor. Scotti has been published in Fuller Focus and Songs from the Heart.

Read one of Scotti's poems and you'll know why she takes the awards.


Rounding the corner, Pastor’s
Car was parked out front.
Knowing what had happened,
I felt sick to my stomach.

Even though we expected it,
I didn’t expect it today.
After all,
We’d been nursing Susie’s
Leukemia for so long.

Once inside the house there
Wasn’t time for me.
Mother was a basket case
And dad was trying to comfort
Her, and Pastor was trying to
Comfort both of them.

So I went hunting for Joe my
Big sixteen pound cat.
I found him in his favorite
Spot lying in the sun on
The back porch.

Gathering him up his
Front paws hung over my
One arm and the back ones
Hung over my other arm, I
 hugged him close to me.

Dropping down on my bed,
I clung to him and drenched
Him for hours.
He never moved.
He just kept licking my
Face, and when I was done
He licked himself dry.

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