Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ten Steps to Create a Blog

Have you started a blog yet? Blogging gives writers practice in writing short, tight and well. By creating an editorial calendar, you make your own deadlines and commit to them. Consistency helps build an audience. Here are a few things to consider when you start your blog.

  1. Determine the purpose for your blog. How will your content be different from other blogs? Can you keep new posts coming on a regular basis?
  2. Choose a blog provider (Blogger or Word Press). There are many.
  3. Choose a domain name. 
  4. Choose a template that will complement your purpose.
  5. Choose a layout (2 columns--main content area with 1 sidebar or 3 columns--main content area with 2 sidebars).
  6. Make an outline how you want to organize your blog. How many pages? Page titles?
  7. Schedule your editorial calendar. Start with posting articles once a week. Then go to twice, three times or five times a week, but don't wear out your welcome with your audience.
  8. Research post topics. Include links to points of research. If you interviewed someone, make sure you link to her website. If you wrote a book review, include links to the author website and her book sales page. If you researched a topic, link to the articles where you found the information.
  9. Gather links to your blog roll. 
  10. Read and comment on other blogs and watch your traffic grow.
Have you found things that work for you? Please share them in our comments section.

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