Thursday, February 14, 2013


Welcome to Sunrise Christian Writers. We will remember every Valentine's Day from now on as the day we started on this adventure. Thank you for your love, friendship and prayers. Thank you for the expertise each of you bring to our group. I am amazed to see the quality critiques we receive when we submit our writing to each other. Thank you for the chocolates! You think of everything!

We meet the first and third Thursdays for training. We are studying Write on Target by Dr. Dennis Hensley. Our homework for next week is to read, study and do the exercises covered in the pages 45-66, Finding Your Niche. This is the beginning of the third phase of the program for nonfiction writers.

We meet the second and fourth Thursdays to critique our work. We accept the first seven submissions by our deadline on Monday night before the Thursday we meet. If you do not have a submission template, please contact me at

We meet the fifth Thursdays (when there is one) for food and fellowship. Thank you for praying for our group. God is faithful.

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