Sunday, February 24, 2013

Feed the Artist in You

"Feed the Artist in You" is the theme of this year's Christian Writers Conference at Mount Hermon from March 20 to March 26, 2013. This is the perfect place to rub shoulders with other writers who share your goals and aspirations in writing.

It's a great opportunity to learn the craft and meet with editors, agents and publishers to discuss your projects. It's a great place to meet God, to hear His voice and worship Him in the chapel or on the beautiful campus.

Take a warm jacket and comfortable shoes for hiking to the cross before church on Sunday. Go early so you'll have time to go to the beach and experience the majestic mist of the waves as they splash near your feet. Experience God's presence in every session, workshop and appointment. Go to learn from peers and faculty. Go to pitch your book ideas and articles. Writers and industry professionals come to listen and encourage.

May God go before you to lead the way and beside you to encourage you.

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