Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kick Writer's Block

Do you feel like your creativity went on vacation? Have your characters betrayed you? Are you void of conflicts or emotions? Are you between projects? Writers face the blank screen for a number of different reasons, but help is on the way. Here are things I've found that help me kick writer's block:
  1. Pray. The first thing I do when the ugly blank screen stares at me, is pray. Since I'm a Christian and a writer, God is my boss and He has helped me overcome many blank screens.
  2. Read. I read a lot--fiction and nonfiction. Ideas for projects and proposals blossom from reading a novel or a non-fiction book. I'm currently reading Who Is That Man? on my Kindle by John Ortberg and falling more in love with Jesus. Although I read novels for entertainment, I read with a note pad near to write down any ideas that pop into my mind.
  3. Exercise. Yep, the E word, a word not many writers enjoy, but when I am stumped on how to bring a scene together or how to make my point, I go for a walk. Many times the sunshine and fresh air stimulate the creative juices and give me answers. I find that truly amazing.
  4. Chocolate. This is the miracle food that generates ways to fill blank screens with paragraphs and pictures. I keep a package of chocolate covered raisins on my desk in case of emergency. 
  5. Switch projects. I like to have several stories in process, so when one stumps me, I switch to another one for a while. Upon returning to previous projects, I'm amazed how re-reading what I have gives me ideas for next steps.
  6. Take a break. Stretch. Call someone to say, "I love you." I've come to find out that it's not all about me. God doesn't just use my writing--He uses my other gifts of encouraging and helping others. It makes me feel wonderful when God uses me and it gives me things to write about.
  7. Clean. The C word--another word writers try to run away from. Sometimes when the blank screen plagues me, I stop and clean up my desk and office. It always amazes me how I can think better with a neat desk.
I'd love to have a few more resources at my disposal. What do you do do kick writer's block?

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